Welcome to the #7 Day SELF LOVE Challenge

It is the perfect time to have a love affair with yourself.

Through daily efforts learn to forgive yourself, put yourself first, recognize your strengths and do something you LOVE each and every day.

I have worked with women for the past 12 years (including my own elaborate self love journey) in the world of body image, SELF LOVE, women's health and self care.

Our thoughts about ourselves are where we often need a little cleansing, and are commonly self sabotaging, fear based and critical.  Our internal dialogue can grow negative and off balance when things get stressful, overwhelming or challenging in our day-to-day lives.

Returning to our true nature, LOVE, is such an integral part of how we move though every area of our lives.  This is where the healing lives, where our empowerment is born and where our health becomes vibrant.

To live a fulfilling life of  health and radiance  we must  honor, listen, and love our deepest selves with great devotion.

Join this #7 day SELF LOVE challenge to refine your self care, upgrade your body care, cleanse your mind and uplift your thoughts through our daily recommended practices and rituals.

Keep your eye on your INBOX for all the details and all the upcoming sweet SELF LOVE secrets.

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Feel free to share this page with other women in your life.  This is an opportunity to explore our own SELF LOVE and also share the LOVE with all those in our life and all collective feminine healing on our planet...